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 and included such incidental effects as _numb lips, dry mouth,
 sleepiness, # altered sense of Nsmell and taste, nervousness and
 sweating, m211/ The most con_on side effect was sleepiness (21
 patients) followed by what appears to be a common complaint
 regarding NIDA supplied marijuana, namely "sore throat/
 harshness W (15 patients). 2_I_/ Only three patients had reportable
 alterations in blood pressure, seven patients experienced
 headachest two patients experienced coughing/choking, and one
 patient experienced arthritis_like symptoms. _I-_/
 The Michigan Department of Public Health also reports
 over 90% of the patients receiving marijuana elected to remain on
 ..... marijuana rather than switch to the more conventional antiemetic
 Torecan_ 214/ Only 8 of the 83 patients randomized to marijuana
 chose to alter their mode'of antiemetic therapy. 2_I_-/ Almost the
 inverse was true of patients randomized to the conventional anti-
 emetic agent, Torecan. Of the 23 patients randomized to Torecan_
 22 -- more than 90% -- elected to discontinue use of this
 commonly employed conventional antiemetic agent to crossover to
 inhaling marijuana° _-_-/
 The report refers to two possible reasons for this
 pronounced preference for smoking marijuana over a conventional
 211/ _. at 12, Table ii®
 214/ /_. at 10, Table 9®

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