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 Georgia program suffered significant injury as a fault of
 smoking, marijuana, A substantial number (73%) did, however_
 _- gain significant medical relief from the debilitating emesis
 caused by anti-cancer therapies°
 (3)  isnn
 in October, 1979, the Michigan state legislature
 overwhelmingly enacted a law to make marijuana available to
 cancer and glaucoma patients, 2Q_/ and rescheduled marijuana to
 Schedule IX of the State's Uniform Controlled Substances Act°
 This legislation directed the Michigan Department of Public
 Health to initiate a program to provide cancer and glaucoma
 ._ patients within the state with iicit_ medically-supervised access
 to marijuanao 2_0-_/ Accordingly_ the Department of Public Health,
 working through the Michigan Patient/Physician Qualification
 Review Board, devised a program of patient care to compare the
 antiemetic effects of marijuana with a conventionally-approved,
 standard antiemetic drug, Torecan. _Q_/
 2_/ ACT Affidavits, Vol. I_ Affidavit of Alice O'Learyt No.
 14, Exhibit B. S.Bo 185 was enacted by a vote of I00-0 in the
 ._ Michigan House and 29-5 in the State Senate. The bill was signed
 by the governor in October_ 1979.
 203/ ACT Official State Reports, Vol. II_ Exhibit 9,
 nEvaluation of Marijuana as an Antiemetic in Patients Being
 Treated with Cancer Chemotherapy° H Protocol Trial A, IND-17-193.
 __Q4/ /_. at 3_4.

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