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 patients_who smoked marijuana experience˘i significant nausea and
 vomiting while ten patients given THC experienced significant
 nausea and vomitingo 2-QQ/
 One final point of interest emerges from the Georgia
 program's data. The mode of smoking can have a significant
 > effect on the success of the therapy. Patients confined to a
 #standardized smoking m routine achieved less antiemetic relief
 (65.4%) than patients who were permitted to smoke marijuana on a
 .-: self-determined, #as needed # basis (72.2%)o _9-I/ This point
 seems to underscore the comments of many witnesses before.these
 hearings regarding the importance of patient self-titration.
 The Georgia study is unique in that it is the only
 state program to report synthetic THC and marijuana produced
 equivalent levels of antiemetic response. In all other states
 .....i_ where_any type of comparison can be drawn between synthetic THC
 and marijuana in smoked forms marijuana inhalation invariably
 produced higher levels of antiemetic reliefs
 _'_';_ As in other state programs_ Georgia reports fewer
 adverse effects were noted by patients who smoked marijuana as
 compared to patients given oral T_C capsules° In one of the
 ....._' Tables attached to the Georgia reports there is a notation of one
 marijuana-related adverse effect, but there is no indication of
 hospitalization or any other forms of assertive medical
 ....._ intervention was required to cope with th. isuntoward reaction.
 Clearlyt none of the patients who received marijuana in the
 200/ /_. at 6, 8o
 201/ I_o at 5.
 - 59 _

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