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 the nausea and vomiting (9 out of 18)_ The
 primary reasons for failure of smoking
 marijuana were due to smoking intolerance (6
 out of 14) or failure to im_Me the nausea
 and vomiting (3 out of 14).12_/_I
 In concluding his report, Dr_ Michael H. Kutner states_
 "We found both marijuana smoking and THC capsules to be effective
 _ _ anti-emetics_ We found no significant differences '_ in the success
 rates between smoking and T_C capsules. We found no significant
 differences in success rates by age group .... The major
 _i_ reason for smoking failure was smoking intolerance while the
 major reasons for THC capsule failure were adverse reaction and
 failure to relieve bad nausea and vomiting® # 9_/
 Several significant conclusions can be drawn from the
 Georgia data° Many DEA witnesses claimed inhalation of marijuana
 smoke might make the drug unusableo Clearly, some Georgia
 ....... patients did not like to smoke or cou!d not smoke_ However, DEA
 witnesses aiso asserted older patients might fail to respond to
 this form of therapy or could not tolerate the Whigh_ associated
 with marijuana° The Georgia program clearly indicates
 marijuanans antiemetic properties are nearly asevident in older
 individuals as in younger patients, and t/hat older patients are
 .... able to tolerate marijuana's mild psycho-°active effects.
 The same cannot be said of synthetic THC. As noted at
 Table 3 of this reports six patients experienced an adverse
 reaction to synthetic THC while only one patient reported an
 adverse reaction to smoked marijuana. Similarly, only one of the
 /___/ Id. at 3.
 _ 58 _

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