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 included therein in such combinations, quant_ty_ proportion, or cone
 centration a8 to vitiate the potential for abuse _ the subs_nce8
 which do here a depressant or atimulant effect on the central nervo
 out ayat˘_ and (8) such exception does hoe conflict with U_ited
 S_es _ obligatiens under the Convention on Psycho_ropic Sub-
 PuboL 91-_13, Title H. t 20_, 0eta _, 1_70, 84 St_t_ 1247; Pub,_
 9_-,_, Title I, § I05_ Nov, 10_ 1978, 9_ Star. _.
 _i_ D_t_ e_ _,_ A._ tbyla_inool,_-diph_Fi_h_e)_ the A_tOeo
 nay G_ner_| a_ll bF _rder_ mad® withou_
 _n_m_t by Pcb_L_ _ e_˘˘_ on rcg_r_l to _˘t_ons _1 and S0_ of the
 _,h_ _a_ the Con_ntg_n o_ P_chotr_p_˘
 $_e_ [luCy Z_ I_OL _ _e_os 11_ end g_et_on 811 o_ 1:his tit|@], plae_ such
 _ _ub. Lo _-,._ _t cue _ an _f_ctl_e deugs in schet_u_ _V o_ _U_t ACt (_
 Date nolo undew _˘˘tion 801a of this t|tlo. _ub_o (c} of _l_s _˘_]/'
 _ff_Si_ _ _˘t_o_ e_et_® Oct. _eovi_cn of sectlon I0_(˘) of Pnb. L.
 T_, 19TO, _ section 70_(b)_f Pub. L. 91_ _ _t cub sbov_ _˘_Iv_ on _ho
 _te _b_ Co_ventlon on Pgychotrol_h[ee
 _I_ _ out a_ a_ _f_t_v@ Do_o _o_ _- S_bsta_ce_ @n_a |_o fo_ in the Un[_o
 de_ _e_n _1 of this _|eo
 Pi_m_ ef P't_,_ _ _P_ tu of Pub._._ _._, get oU_ as s_ _ff_tave
 ˘_r_yin_ out the minimum Un_˘_ St&_e_ 19Y0 U.8oCO_˘ Cong. and A_m.N_, po
 ob_l_a_|ons _n_e_ para_eaph T of al,_c_e _ _, al_o_ Pub._ _-_, _T8 U.So
 2 of _h® Co_'_ztloe on Psyeho_r_pl˘ _b- Co_e Cen_o a_t_ Akin. NewS _,
 of F_r_ _uh_l_
 No_ o_ D_

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