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 who have failed to respond to conventional
 anti-emetic therapy; determine if response
 rates vary withage_ dateline the lowest
 dose of THC/Marijuana that will produce an
 ..... _ anti-emetic effect without untoward reactions
 o . .; [and] determine the effeg_gf oral THC
 versus inhaled marijuana ....
 Under the Georgia law _Smarijuana_ means marijuana or
  '_ tetrahydrocannabinol_ as defined or listed in the _Georgia
 Controlled Substances Act '_ and the term. _physician' means
 [any] person licensee to practice medicine pursuant to Code
 _i_ Chapter 84_9 .... _2_i/
 Later_ _____12._h_under the title _Patient
 Application" the Georgia PQRB notes, _[P_harmacists shall handle
 .... _ THC-Marijuana exactly as Schedule II control drugs are
 handled. #192/ (b) ea h Re
 As in other states, Georgia conditioned patiententry
 into the marijuana program on a failure to respond to some form
 of conventional antiemetic therapy. Hence, historical controls
 were clearly operating and patients in _e Georgia marijuana
 program were already deemed _ 
 unresponslve to other modes of
 antiemetic treatment.
 _ The Georgia program randomized eligible patients to
 either marijuana or synthetic THC. Exceptions to randomization
 were permitted. As noted in an informational letter dispatched
 to physicians_ the Georgia PQRB states the program:
 /__i/ /__. at 2_3.
 192/ /..!o at 6.

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