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 during ajoint press conference with Speaker of the Georgia
 Houses Tom _rphy,_held in support of Georgia_s Jq4arijuana-as_
 Medicine # bill stated:
 I am here today to speak in favor of
 legislation that is to be introduced in the
 1980 General Assembly to facilitate the
 medical use of marijuana in the treatment of
 _ _ cancer patients who are receiving
 chemotherapy treatments [sic] Although
 chemotherapy is a proven cancer treatment
 methods it usually has devastating side
 effects_ Most patients become very ill with
 nausea and repeated vomiting_ snd grow
 _ increasingly weak and debilitated as the
 treatments continue. However_ marijuana has
 repeatedly been found to provide relief from
 these side effects. Sixteen states have
 already legislatively provided for the
 limited medical use of marijuana, and twenty-
 ........ one [sic_ states_ in addition to Georgia_ are
 considering such legislationo X_/
 As Mona Taft, the young widow who spearheaded Georgia0s
 efforts to evade federal Schedule I restrictions and was later
 employed by theGeorgia Department of Health as a Consultant to
 the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners and the Georgia
 Patient Qualification Review Board to assist in implementation of
 the Georgia mMarijuana-as-Medicine x program states:
 The intent of the Georgia law was clear: To
 legally provide seriously ill cancer and
 glaucoma patients with medically supervised
 access to marijuana for use in o . . therapy.
 However, in order to comply with federal
 procedures_ and in order to obtain federal
 supplies of marijuanas the Georgia law-like
 the law in New Mexico and elsewhere, was
 crafted as a "research program. _ Whether
 called Xresearch# or not, the purpose of the
 law was to assist patients in obtaining
 marijuana for their medical use. If research
 18_/ Affidavit of Mona Taft, _ 68 (quoting Statement of Lto
 Gov. Fell Miller, Dec_ 17, 1979 -_ attached as Exhibit C).
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