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 The study did not report major side effects resulting
 from marijuana inhalation. Xn fact, only three adverse responses
 occurred_ none of them of major significance and also, none of
 these incidents involved the use of marijuana alone_ 19-_/ In
 addition, Dr. Dansak affirmed that passive inhalation was
 3 something easy to deal with and that no problems of this nature
 were encountered in the programs 19-_/
 The Georgia legislature aut_horized marijuanaSs
 therapeutic availability to cancer and glaucoma patients in
 February, 1980_ I_-/ As in other states, the intent of the
 legislature was clear. Lta Governor of Georgia Zell Miller,
 i._I/ (...continued)
 determine the rate of success and that the results were
 significant. _#We got P values, .0001 which is extremely
 significant and showed a very highly effective medication both
 ..... for the capsules and for the cigarettesoW)_ Cross_examination of
 Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tro 11_37 & ii-38_
 i9i/ Affidavit of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ _ 50_51; Cross-examination
 of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. ll-107.
 /_// Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. ii-ii0. (_[W3e
 made sure that there was adequate ventilation in all the rooms
 where the patients were smoking o o  [nursesl never complained .
 . . [patients] never complained. W ) /_o at I!_ii0 See _IsQ
 Redirect of Madelyn Brazis_ Tr. 7_53 (passive inhalation was very
 easily dealt with)
 /_/ ACT Affidavits, Vol. I, Affidavit of Alice O_Leary_ No. 14_
 Exhibit Bo H.B. 1077 was enacted by a vote of 158-6 in Georgia
 House and 50-0 in Georgia State Senate. The bill was signed on
 February 22_ 1980 by Governor Busbeeo _ __l._q, Taft Affidavits
 Exhibit A, Statement of Governor George Busbee, Febznlary 22,
 a 52

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