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 marijuana cigarettes were chosen, the research nurse instructed
 the patient on how to smoke marijuanao 12_/ Blood levels were
 monitored prior to the ingestion of THC or marijuana. The
 research nurse drew IoVo blood s_ples at hourly intervals to
 determine the _C blood plasma leve!o i_/
 There were objective and subjective controls to
 determine the effectiveness of the drugs used in the program.
 Objective controls included the failure of patients on other
 ;__ antiemetics and standard rating scales, 121_/
 The study concluded that marijuana not only was an
 effective antiemetic but also Xfar superior to the best available
 i,:,. conventional dl_/g_ Compazine, and clearly superior to synthetic
 THC pill[s]. _80/ The results showed that _[m]ore than ninety
 percent of the patients who received marijuana . . . reported
 ..... significant or total .relief from nausea and vomiting. _18--I/
 i/_/ (.,.continued)
 the National Institute on Drug Abuse reviewed the protocol and
 also did not object to the design of the study. Id. at 11-97 &
 11-98. In any events Dr° Dansak testified that the results of the
 study showed no differences between those individuals who were
 randomized and those who were not. _o at II-33. (_[W]hen we
 did the data analysis we found no difference between those two
 groups of people o o o [the statisticsJ was effectively saying
 itts a good drug.#)_ /__.
 !3// Cross-examination of Madelyn Brazis_ Tr_ 7-12.
 I/_/ _o at 7_25o
 179/ Redirect of Madelyn Brazis_ Tr. 7_43 & 7-44. Rating scales
 included SCLg0R_ the reduce augmenter scale and the target
 problem self rating scale° /_.
 i_0/ Id. _ 48°
 181/ /_4-; Affidavit of George Soldstein_ _ 55_ Dr. Daniel
 Dansak testified that statistical procedures were used to

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