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 to standard anti-emetic drugs, and that had
 become unr_Tnsive to synthetic THC after a
 few doses. _-_
 The observations of the Sallan/Zinberg study and
 .i_ conclusions of the Chang study were confirmed and replicated in
 numerous studies conducted within different state programs.
 (i) New_ iae
 The New Mexico legislature authorized marijuana's
 therapeutic availability to cancer and glaucoma patients in
 Februaryf 1978.1/I/ The intent of the law was to provide
 marijuana to cancer patients for their use within the context of
 medical therapyo/_2_/
 (b) s u
 Under this legislation, New Mexico officials set up a
 program to compare THC capsules and marijuana as antiemetics
 ....... ii_ receiving FDA approval in November, 1978o 172/
 I/_q/ Affidavit of Dro John Po Morgan, _ 40°
 7_/ ACT Affidavit, Vol. I, Affidavit of Alice O'Leary, No. 14_
 Exhibit B. H.B. 329 was enacted by a vote of 53-9 in New Mexico
 ..... _: House and 33-1 in New Mexico Senate. The bill was signed by the
 governor in February_ 1978.
 7_/ Affidavit of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ _ 8.
 12// Affidavit of Dr. Daniel Dansak_ _ 28, 35° See _ ACT
 Official State Reports_ VolŪ If, Exhibit I0 New Jersey Cancer
 ( continued.. _ )
 -49- t 0,.

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