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 marijuana in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled
 trial. I-_/ The study concluded that both oral THC and smoked
 marijuana were effective antiemetics when compared with
 placebo. 19_/ However, the study also noted that smoked marijuana
 resulted in a lower incidence of nausea and vomiting than oral
 THCo Chang demonstrated that #the antiemetic effect of THC is
 associated with the THC plasma concentration after oral and
 smoked doses_ N,A6_7/ and that #elevations of T_C plasma concen-
  '_ tration were also associated with reductions in the incidence of
 nausea and vomiting. #19-_/ In this connection_ the study
 demonstrated that the inhalation route achieved higher THC
 plasma concentrations than the oral route, and, thus, reached
 higher percentages in the reduction of nausea and vomiting in the
 patient. 6_/
 In discussing the conclusions of the Chang study_ Dr.
 Morgan testified that the high rate of success of marijuana in
 alleviating the nausea and vomiting had interest for two
 First, it suggests marijuana is an effective
 antimemetic drug .... Second, marijuana
 achieved this high rate of success in a
 patient population that proved unresponsive
 19=_/ SeN Chang, D_ita-9-Tetrahvdracannabinol _S _ Antiemetic_._[
 Cancer Patie s _ "n Hiqh-Dose MethoL_r_._, at 819 in
 Affidavit of Dr. David Ettinger, Exhibit 4.
 i___/ __d. The study indicates a statistically significant
 benefit from marijuana for vomiting and nausea.. /_d_ at 821.
 i__/ ___o at 822
 169/ Id. at 823.

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