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 were considered highly significant by the researchers I_I/ and in
 the view of the medical community as a whole_/_!/ A clearer
 indication of the value attached to the Sallan Zinb_rg study is
 the simple fact that physicians shared this information with
 their own cancer patients. !_/
 b. _/__/3/_ Chan_ _S_
 The observations made in the Sallan/Zinberg study were
 .... confirmed and extended by the Chang study in 1979o This study;
 conducted by the National Cancer Institute; sought to determine
 the antiemetic utility of synthetic THC pills and smoked
 16_I Dro Norman Zinbergg a co-author of the Sallan/Zinberg
 study, indicated that this was an impo1_cant observation that
 should be reported and that the study should not be limited
 specifically to the protocol but should m[encompass] everything
 you observed in the course of doing your workF that you don't put
 ..... on blinders and close your eyes_ if sometlhing else comes up n and
 _if you get lost in doing the protocol exactly that way and don_t
 pay attention to anythinq else that comes ups you may lose the
 most important part of the study. N Cross-examination of Dr.
 Norman Zinberg, Tr. 11-203 & !i_201. Further, Dro Zinberg
 stressed that these reports were confirmed in dozens of patients
 that were observed throughout the continuation of the study. /_d.
 at II-205. Most significantly, the accep_ance of the article by
 The New England Journal of Medicine for publication indicated
 that these medical observations were _wo_:hy of being
 distributed_ _ I_o at II_204o
 i__/ Dro Ronald Stephens and Dr. Deborah Goldberg testified that
 they were #impressed x by Sallan's observations. Affidavit of
 Dr. Ronaid Stephens; I 4; Affidavit of Deborah Goldberg; _ 24°
 Dr_ Daniel Dansak regarded these observations as valuable in
 determining the medical acceptance of marijuana as an antiemetic
 i_ and in reference to the authors of these observations and other
 anecdotal reports affirmed that nthese were investigators who had
 enormous credentials in pharmacologic care and one had to pay
 attention to things they were saying and you just can't discothnt
 because you don't like the drug° _ Cross_examination of Dro
 Daniel Dansak, Tr. 11-65 & Ii_74.
 21_/ Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens_ _ 9.
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