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 21 § 812 Feed AND DRUm lS
 .... age unit with one or more active, nonnarcotic ingredients in
 recognized therapeutic amoUn_o
 (8) Not more than _0 mil|igran_ of morphine per 100 rail|ill°
 _ or per 100 zrame with one or more active, nonnarcotic in-
 gredien_ in recognized therapeutic amoant_;o
 _e_.e_eii_ gV
 (1) Ba_bif_|°
 (2) Chlora| beLeineo
 (_) Ohlor_| hydrateo
 (4) Ethch|erv_o].
 (_) Ethlnam&te.
 (6) Methoh_i_.
 (7) Me'probamate.
 (8) Methy|phenobarbi_|o
 C9) Pa_l_ehyde.
 (IO) PetriehloraL
 (11) Phenobarbital
 S_RE_ V
 Any compound, mixture, or preparation containing any of" the fo|-
 |owing _imited quantities of narcotic d_ge, which shall include one
 or more nonna_otic active medicinal ingredien_ in sufficient pro
 pertio_ to confer upon the compound_ mixture, or preparation va|uao
 b|e medicinal qua|ities other than those pesse_sed by the narcotic
 druz a|one:
 (1) Not more than 200 milligrams of codeine per 100 mi]li|i-
 tars or per 100 _em_.
 (2) Not more than 100 mi]|i_ram_ of dihydrocodeine per 100
 rail||liars or per 100 _rams.
 (_) Not more than 100 mil|Igram_ of et_y|morphine per I00
 milliliters or per 100 _ram_.
 (4) Not more than _.5 milligrams of diphenoxy]at_ and no_
 less than _ m_crograw_ of a_opine eul_ate per doeaEe unit.
 (_) Not room than 100 mi]|igram_ o_ opium per 100 mil|iIi-
 _ers _r per 100 _am_o
 (d) The Attorney G_n_rai may by re_|ati._n except any cam-
 pound, mizture, or preparation containing any _epreuant or _timuŽ
 |ant _ubetance in paragraph (a) or (b) of schedule IH or in eched-
 ale IV or V frem the application of al| or any imrt of this _ubchap-
 _r if (I) the compound, _nixLure, or preparation con_in_ one or
 more active medicinal ingredients not havin_ a depre_ant or stimu-
 lant e_._ect on the canna| nervoue_ sys_m, ($) eueh in_Tedien_ are
 O_n _

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