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 concluded that THC _is an effective antiemetic for patients
 receiving cancer chemotherapy _ and that a%qqC can be used safely
 in the dosage of I0 mg per square meter per dose every four hours
 for at least three doses, w/_-_/ The conclusions of the study were
 based on a group of twenty_two individuals. However, as Dr.
 _- _ Norman Zinberg_ co-author of the study_ °_estified, originally
 there were around fifty people enrolled in the program of which
 ten to twelve dropped out because mthey found that natural
 ,iiii!. marijuana was more effective than THC in controlling their
 nausea, m/_gq/ Based on observations of _ose patients who had
 dropped outs the researchers stated in their study that:
 We have made preliminary obser_,ations
 comparing the antiemetic effect: of smoked
 marihuana and oral _Co The marihuana
 belonged to individual patients ands
 therefore, was neither qualitatively nor
 quantitatively controlled. For most
 patients_ both smoked and oral routes had
 identical effects. Theoreticaily_ smoking
 might be the preferable route since it may
 result in less variability of absorption than
 the gastrointestinal route° Mcreover_
 smoking provides greater opportunity for
 individual patient control by permitting the
 patie_o regulate and maintain the
 high. _,_I
 These observations made by the researchers, reflecting
 ....... a real phenomenon occurring among cancer patients at the time,
 159/ Id° at 797.
 16Q/ Cross_examination of Dr. Norman Zinberg, Tr. Ii-199 & II=
 /_i/ Affidavit of Dr. David Et_tinger_ Exhibit 5.
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