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 Institute, in a controlled_ double-blind scheme, demonstrated
 that marijuana was not only effective but also superior to oral
 THC® Finally, numerous studies conducted by different states
 amply confirmed both the validity of the anecdotal reports and
 the conclusions reached by the previous _tudies_
 a. The 1975 Sallan/Zinber___li_
 An anecdotal experience with marijuana as an antiemetic
 .ii_ led to the first Xclinical experiment on the use of [marijuana]
 in cancer chemotherapy. _2_-_/ After iea_%ing of the benefits
 received by a young Texas cancer patient from the use of
 marijuana as an antiemetic, Daniel Grinspoon_ Dr. Lester
 Grinspoon's son, who suffered from lymphatic leukemia, began
 smoking the drugs himseif_ to treat his E_esis. IS-Z/ The sudden
 and marked improvement experienced by DanielGrinspoon as a
 result of inhaling marijuana promp£ed the interest of a group of
 researchers in conducting a study, now known as the
 #Sallan/Zinberg _ study, on marijuana in the context of cancer
 The Sallan/Zinberg study confirmed the validity of the
 ...... anecdotal reports existent at that time. by reporting that
 marijuana worked effectively in the treatment of emesiso The
 researchers compared oral delta-9_T_HC and placebo in a
 • # I._/ and
 ....... controlled, randomized_ Wdouble bllnd eXperiment,
 156/ Affidavit of Dr. Lester Grinspoon_ _ Ii.
 i_/ /__. at _ 3.
 /___/ Affidavit of Dro David Ettinger_ Exhibit 5.

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