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 control his emesis, everything changed -- his appetite changed
 andhe would join the family for dinner_ His personality changed
 /: and he became outgoing and talkative. He was a #joy to be around
 rather than feeling that you were sitting by watching your child
 dieo #154/ Similarly, Mona Taft expressed_ in reference to her
 _ husband, that _the results were dramatic. Harris started to
 regain_his lost weights his mood underwent a marked improvements
 he became more active and outgoing and we began to do things
 ._ together that i thought we would never be able to do again. #/_/
 4. A Variety of Hell-Controlled Scientific and
 Medical Studies Consistently Have Confirmed
 the Therapeutic Benefit Received by the
  _: _Patients from the Use of Marijuana_
 The dramatic impact caused by marijuana's use by
 cancer patients led to an increasing number of medical studies
 which confirmed that marijuana not only was an effective
 antiemetic, but also superior to other antiemetics. A 1975
 studyn conducted by Drs. Steven Sallan and Norman Zinberg at the
 prestigious Sidney Farber Cancer Research Center in Boston,
 Massachusetts_ made the first relevant clinical observations on
 the therapeutic benefit of marijuana. A 1979 studyt conducted by
 Dr. Alfred Chang under the auspices of the National Cancer
 154/ ___o; Cross-examination of Mac Nutt_ Tr. 5-32.
 15_5_/ Affidavit of Mona Tarts _ 31. _9_ _ Affidavit of Dr_
 Lester Grinspoon, _ 9_ I0 (After using marijuanas Daniel resumed
 his usual activities_ and all the family were much more
 comfortable during the remaining year of his life); Affidavit
 of Janet Andrews, _ 51_ 52 (Josh regained his ability to eat and
 .,. rejoined our family); Affidavit of John James Dunsmore, I!I,
 69 (#marijuana allows me to get out of myself and feel
 relaxed # )
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