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 inability to eat would continue until t/be next treatment when th_
 whole process repeated itself. But, with a few puffs of a
 marijuana cigarette, he was suddenly no longer vomiting and his
 nausea ended, llq/
 Patients experienced an increase in appetite from the
 . .... smoking of marijuana. Mac Nut, testified that, as a result of
 smoking marijuana, Keith was constantly hungry and began to put
 on weight. _51/ Janet Andrews testified that her five-year old
 son, Josh, became extremely hungry after ingestion_of marijuana
 and now he's "the first to ask when would dinner be readyo m/_2J
 Finally, patients experience a dramatic improvement in
 ....... the quality of their life. The patient regains control of his
 life, experiences a feeling of well being and this, in turn,
 improves all of his family and social relationships in general.
 Mae Nutt testified that, as a result of marijuana's use, her son,
 Keith, #became part of our family again. _5_/ When Keith was
 prescribed the other antiemetics_ Mac Nut, indicated that he was
 isolated like in a little shell_ But, once he used marijuana to
 5_/ Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 38, 40; s_ _9_ Affidavit of
 Mona Taft, _ 30-3!, (marijuana kept her husbandts nausea and
 vomiting at bay); Affidavit of Dr. Leste_ Grinspoon, _ 9, 10
 ...... (Daniel experienced no nausea and vomiting after smoking
 marijuana); Affidavit Of Janet Andrews, _[_ 32-39 (marijuana
 controlled Josh's vomiting and nausea that other antiemetics had
 utterly failed to control); Affidavit of John James Dunsmore,
 Ill, _ 57-66 (marijuana helped control vomiting and nausea).
 .151/ Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 40
 .152/ Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 49. See _iso Affidavit of
 Dro Lester @rinspoon, _ 9-10 (son becomes hungry after smoking
 marijuana); Affidavit of John James Dunsmore_ III, _ 65--69
 (marijuana makes me "really hungry x) .
 15// Affidavit of Mac Nut,, _ 42.
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