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 antiemetic. In the New Mexico p_ram_ Madelyn Brazis testified
 there were patients from many different professions and
 occupationsF such as _police officers_ sheriffs_ la_ers_
 doctQrs_ mA_/ Also, Mae Nutt mentioned a case where a minister
 accepted marijuanans use. The case involved the Reverend Negen_
 a pastor of a Dutch Christian Reformed Clutch in Grand Rapids0
 Michigan. This Dutch pastor and his wife supported and helped
 their daughter, Deborah, affected with leukemia, in obtaining
 ...... marijuana for treatment of her emesis. In his testimony before
 the Michigan legislature in support of legislation making
 marijuana available as medicine, the Reverend Negen emphasized
 ...... that marijuana was the only drug that provided relief to his
 daughter from the side effects of her chemotherapy
 treatments. 4_/
 Marijuana is widely accepted by cancer patients because
 it (I) relieves them from the severe emesis suffered as a result
 of their chemotherapy treatments_ (2) increases their appetite,
 and (3) improves their quality of lifeo Patients experienced
 significant benefit from smoking marijuana for the control of
 their emesis. Keith Nut,, after failing on a number of other
 antiemetics_ was able to control his sew_re emesis by smoking
 marijuana. Initially, Keith vomited and retched for at least
 eight hours following his chemotherapy treatment. Then_ he
  .... became overwhelmingly nauseated and unabie to eat. This
 i__/ Redirect of Madelyn Braziss Tr. 7--41.
 IAg_/ Affidavit of Mac Nutt, _ 61=62o Reverend Negen Sent his
 own young sons into the streets of Grand Rapids to purchase
 marijuana for Deborah. /_ at I 62_
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