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 accepted and used by a substantial number of patients despite the
 existence of #new # antiemetics, l_SJ
 This large population of cancer patients using
 marijuana is by no means an homogenous group° Patients using
 marijuana belong to all different age groups _ from young
 • ,,_. child_n to senior citizens _ and have completely different
 social backgrounds_ With respect to age_ besides young cancer
 patients_., childrenl_/ and older patients I_/ also have received
 benefit from its use.
 With regard to their social backgrounds, patients of
 all types and walks of life have accepted marijuana as an
 I/u_/ Redirect of Dr_ Ivan Silverberg_ Tr. 3-138 (fifty percent
 of patients using marijuana); Cross-examination of Dr. John
 Bickers, Tr. 2_110 (use of marijuana by many of his patients);
 Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 96 (patients are _still getting
 marijuana off the streetsX); Cross-examination of Dr. Thomas
 Ungerleider, Tr. 4-138 & 4=139 (receives calls from patients
 every month requesting information on how to get easy access to
 marijuana); Affidavit of John James Dunsmore, III_ _ 75
 (currently smoking marijuana to treat emesis).
 146/ Joshua Andrews_ at the age of four years_ began using
 marijuana to alleviate the nausea and vo_iting resulting from his
 chemotherapy treatment. Joshua's use of marijuana continued for
 many years during his treatment and it _certain!y made a
 difference . o . a critical difference . . o in the outceme of
 [his] fight with cancer. _ Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 99°
 Joshua's mother added that m[w]ithout marijuana's antivomiting
 properties, Josh would not have been able to tolerate chemo-
 therapy. He would have either stopped receiving treatment early
 on and died or died as a result of complications associated with
 his treatments. About this we have no doubts_ w /__. In
 addition_ the evidence shows that as a result of Joshua Andrew's
 experience with marijuana_ other children used marijuana and it
 _ worked effectively in their treatment° _e_e i__. at _ 47, 48
 (children at Washington State); _.d. at _ 73 (children at hospital
 in San Diego, California).
 147/ The New Mexico programs which involved 250 patients,
 included individuals from eighteen to seventy-six years of age°
 Affidavit of Madelyn Brazis, _ 31. S e_ _ Michigan program
 (program ranged from 15 to 79 years of age) _ p. 62 n. 209.

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