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 reports. _42/ Word of marijuana°s medical utility sprea d quickly
 throughout the medical community° Indeed_ patients not only
 informed their physicians but also info_ed each other. Since
 these reports of medical utility were so consistent_ many
 physicians continued this line of communications by informing
 their patients_ either directly or indirectly_ of marijuanaSs
 medical utility. !4_/
 _ _ By the late !970_s_ marijuana_s use gained a widespread
 acceptance among cancer patients IA_/ and today it continues to be
 19_/ Affidavit of Dr. !van Silverberg, _ 6, 7; Affidavit of Dro
 John Morgan, _ 13; Cross-examination of Dr. Ronald Stephens, Tr.
 2-131_ Affidavit of Dr_ John Bickers, _ 7°
 19__/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ _ 3_ 14, 16; Affidavit
 of Dr. John Bickers_ _ 7; Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens, _ 9.
 4_/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, _ 9 (Shy mid-i976,
 virtually every young cancer patient receiving chemotherapy at
 the University of California in San Francisco_ was employing
 marijuana with great success _); Cross_examination of Dr. Daniel
 Dansak_ Tr. ll-14 (cancer patients using marijuana in the
 Veterans Administration Hospital in Washington, D.C_ )_ Affidavit
 of Dr. Deborah Goldberg, _ 35 (cancer patients using marijuana in
 Georgetown Hospitale Washington, DoCo); Affidavit of Dr. Norman
 Zinberg, _ 9_ l0 (cancer patients in Boston, Massachusetts,
 reported not only were they using marijuana but also that it
 proved to be more successful than other antiemetics including
 synthetic THC); Cross-examination of Dr. Daniel Dansak, Tr. if-18
 (by 1977 almost one-fifth of his patients in New Mexico were
 using marijuana)_ Affidavit of Mae Nutt_ _ 29 (cancer patients
 ....... using marijuana in hospital in Columbus, Ohio); Affidavit of Mac
 Nutt, _ 37t 61-62, Cross-examination of Mac Nutt, Tr. 5_40 & 5-
 41 (cancer patients using marijuana in Michigan); Affidavit of
 Alice O'Leary, _ 164 (cancer patient fro=_ South Dakota);
 Affidavit of Mona Taft, _ 23_ 37 (cancer patients in Boston,
 Massachusetts); Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 26 (five-year old
 patient in Spokane, Washington); Affidavit of Dr. George
 Goldstein, _ 9 (cancer patient in New Mexico); Affidavit of Mac
 Nutt, I_ 54-55, 61-62, 79_ Cross_examination of Mac Nutt, Tr. 5-
 40 (patients throughout the United States regularly required
 information on the use of marijuana); Cross-examination of Dr.
 Thomas Ungerleider, Tr° 4-I14 & 4-i15 (use of marijuana by bone
 marrow patients in cancer wards throughout the United States).
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