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 A classic ex_ple of this serendipitous discovery of
 marijuanaSs medical utility by a patient occurred in 1971.
 Daniel, the seventeen-year old son of Harvard Professor
 Dr. Lester Grinspoon_ was suffering from leukemia. For several
 years, Daniel had undergone chemotherapy treatments in an effort
 .i_ii_ to cure his deadly disease. Despite the life-prolonging benefits
 that he derived from the treatments, Daniel was on the verge of
 discontinuing chemotherapy because of severe and uncontrollable
 _i nauseaol2_/
 After learning of marijuana_s potential medical utility
 in controlling nausea, Daniel's mother, without the knowledge of
 Dro Lester Grinspoon_ secured marijuana for her sons Daniel°
 Daniel smoked a marijuana cigarette before receiving his next
 chemotherapy treatment. The results wer_ remarkable. Daniel
 stopped vomiting ands for the first time in weeks, was able to
 eat food =-a submarine sandwich. Although marijuana smoking did
 not cure Daniel_s cancert he was able to continue chemotherapy
 treatments and to dramatically improve the quality of his
 Daniel and his parents reported these remarkable
 ....... changes tothe boySs physicians at the prestigious Sidney Farber
 Oncologists and other physicians with practices in all
 geographic areas of the country began to receive similar
 139/ Affidavit of Dr. Lester Grinspoon_ _ 3_6.
 i40/ /_do at _I 9-10.
 _41/ /_. at _ 10.
 (_ _
 = 39 --

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