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 the therapeutic use of marijuana. Opposing the enactment of the
 Marijuana Tax Act, AMA argued that there was no scientific
 evidence which indicated marijuana presented a serious danger to
 the public health and that even a limited prohibition against
 marijuana s social use would eventually corrupt legitimate
 pharmacological and medical experimentation and destroy the
 drug's use in therapeutic applicationso I_/ As had been
 predicted by AMA, after 1942s little medical research of
 .... _
 marijuanafs medical utility occurred until cancer patients began
 reporting the success of the drug in dealing with the emesis
 associated with chemotherapy treatments. _'37/
 3. Marijuana Is Accepted by the Community
 of Cancer Patients as an Ant_emetic
 The therapeutic benefit of marijuana in the context of
 cancer therapy was first discovered by t21e cancer patients_
 themselves. In the early 1970's_ patients began to report to
 their physicians that smoking marijuana provided them with more
 relief from the nausea and vomiting associated with their
 chemotherapy treatments than they were achieving through the use
 ..... il of conventionally_prescribed antiemetics. _s/
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 Dr. William Woodward_ legislative counsel to the American Medical
 _ Association) 
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 l__I/ Affidavit of Dr. Lester GrinsPoon _ _ 20_ Cross-examination
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