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 official process but also because of historical importance or
 because of regional or even idiosyncratic use and that marijuana
 would fit into this category clearly because of its long
 historical employment. I_-_/
 In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act became lawo Although its
 ._ii purpose was not to prohibit the use of marijuana in medicine,"
 the Marijuana Tax Actg by imposing a registration tax and strict
 recordkeeping requirements to prevent diversion of the drugs
 .i_i_. had a Rchillingn effect upon researchers and practitioners to the
 extent that marijuana_s medical use virtually disappeared. 3_/ A
 clear indication of the drastic change is evident in the United
 ....... States Pharmacopoeia_$ reference to marijuana prior to and after
 passage of the Marijuana Tax Act° Before 1937, there were
 approximately thirty cannabis prepawations listed_ By 1942_
 however, all references to marijuana_s therapeutic use were
 removed from listings of available medications. _35/ Ironically,
 the American Medical Association (mAMAS) correctly anticipated
 the negative impact that the Marijuana Tax Act would have upon
 I/_/ Cross_examination of Dr_ John Morgan_ Tro 6-212 & 6-213,
 6-222. _@e __q Redirect of Dr. Andrew Weil, Tro 4-61 & 4-62
 (historical use is relevant in determining current accepted
 "__ medical usage).
 i/_/ Affidavit of Dro Ted Mikuriya, _ 8 (H[marijuana@s 3 medical
 availability _ _ _ functionally ceased_); Affidavit of Dr. John
 Morgan, _ Ii (#the Marijuana Tax Act, enacted in 1937, ended the
 • drugSs use in medicineR) o In her testimony_ Alice OeLeary
 mentioned having a conversation with an elderly physician in
 which the latter recalled that the requla°_ions had a #serious
 impact on . . o the medical access to the drug. # Crosse
 examination of Alice OeLeary, Tr. 5-93 & 5-94.
 12__/ Affidavit of Alice O_Leary, _ 15_ 20° S e_/__q Affidavit
 of Dr. Lester Grinspoon_ _ 14 (use of marijuana was so cumbersome,
 that it was dropped from United States Pharmacopoeia).
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