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 18  RUG A USE 21 812
 any quan_ty of the following subs_nc¢_ having _ depressant effect
 on the c_ntrrai nervous _ystem:
 (_) Any sub_nc¢ which contains any quanlity of a deriva®
 tire of bsrbituric acid, or shy sa|t o_ a derivativo of b&rbituric
 (2) Chorh_doh
 (5) Lyser_tc aeZd _de.
 (6) _o_yprT]O_o
 (_) Phencyc_diz_o.
 (_) Sulfon_iio_y_&n_
 (_0) Su_fonmo_¢o
 (c) 1_a|or_hlne.
 (d) Unlo_s specifically excepted or un|_ ]is{ed in _nother ached-
 u]e, any ma_eria|, cor_pound, mixture, or ]_rsparatiion confining lim-
 ited _uan_i_i¢_ of _ny of th¢ _oi]owin_ narcotic _Iru_ or any malts
 (1) Not m_r_ than I_ _rams of co_Ioin¢ _or 100 miI|ili_r_ or
 not mor¢ than 90 milli_ per dos_g_ unit, with an oqu_] or
 gr_ter quantity of _n iso_uino|ino a_ka|oid cf opiur_.
 ($) Hot more _han 1._ grams o_ codeine per 100 mi|]i|iters or
 not _ore than 90 mi||i_am_ per _o_ago unit, with one or more
 ac_iv¢, nonnareotic in_rodi_n_ in r_ognized therapeutic
 ($) Not moro _han $00 milligram of dihydrocod¢inone pot
 1_ mfl|ili_ers or _o_ _or_ than 15 milligrams per do,ago units
 with _ fourfold or groa_r quantity of an i_oq_ino]ino a|ka|oid
 of o_iU_o
 (_) Hot more than 3_ mil|i_rams of dihydrocodoinono per
 100 mil|iliters or not _or_ _han 15 mflli_ran_ _or do_a_e unit,
 with ono or more activo, _o_narco_l¢ in_ro_i_n_ in recognised
 thorapou_ic amoUn_o
 (_ Not mo_¢ than 1.S gram_ of dihydrocod¢ine per lO0 mi|-
 |fli_r# or not more than 90 milligrams _sr _losag¢ uni_ with
 one _r _o_ ac_Iv_, nonnarco_ic inar_dion_ in r_ogni_l thera-
 _u_ic amoun_o
 (_ _ more _han _0_ mil|iffca_ of o_hy|_or_hino _er 100
 _illt|it_r_ or not more than 15 _fl|i_r_ _r _io_ago unit with
 on¢ or moro ac_o, nonn_rco_ic ingredion_ |n rcco_ni_ed thora_
 peu_t¢ amount_o
 (_ Not mo_ th_ 500 _flli_ra_ of opium per 100 mi|lflio
 _r_ or per I_ _r_s, or not more thsn _ _fl]igr_ per _os.

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