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 2° Historical References Show That Marijuana Was Accepted,
 as Medicine in the Treatment of Various Ailments
 !ncludina D±qestive Upsets _
 The medical utility of marijuana is not a new
 phenomenon. The drug has been used as a medicine Ufor
 millennia _ by many different cultures and societies throughout
 history for a variety of ailments. -i25_/ The first historical
 reference goes back four thousand years to 2737 B_C® where it was
 listed in a Chinese catalog of herbal dr1_gs noting that marijuana
 was an excellent aid to digestion and eased digestive upsets_ 12_/
 Subsequently, its use has been reported in the ancient world of
 the Middle East and Europe during the medieval age in the Arab
 and European societies, and in the modern era in the United
 States and Europe. i_7/
 In the Nineteenth Century, marijuana was commonly used
 in Europe and the United States. The medical'literature
 published at that time on marijuana_s therapeutic properties is
 more than substantial. More than one hundred articles appeared
 in scientific journals on the subject of marijuana's utility
 between 1839 and 1900o _/ The first modern paper was written by
 Dr. William OeShaughnessy_ Assistant Surgeonand Professor of
 Chemistry at the Medical College of Calcutta. In this article
 entitled nOn The Preparation of the India Hemp Ganjah: Their
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