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 out of their treatment is certainly an important objective in
 0ncology. Available antiemetics, however, do not very
 effectively control emesis® I18/ For examples Compazine, the
 standard antiemetic used during the late 1970Ss and early !980ss,
 is hardly effective at all Ii_/ and, the most modern antiemetics_
 ...._ although better than Compazine, do not provide relief to a
 substantial segment of patients_ 12q/
 In additions these antiemetics have serious adverse
 effects. Compazine may cause extra pyramidal symptoms,
 dyskinesia, and dysphoria. I/I/ Decadron is a profound immune
 suppressant122/ and may cause pneumocystis pneumonia, micro bac-
 terium avian intracellurary_ phsycosis_ bleeding ulcers and blood
 disorders. !2-!/ Regian or (metaproclamide) may cause severe
 muscle spasms, i2_4/
 118/ Affidavit of Dr. Deborah Goidberg_ _ 20.
 119/ _3_. Cross-examination of Dr. !van Silverberg, Tr. 3-93 &
 3-94 (virtually all patients reported that Compazine didn't
 control emesis); Affidavit of Dr. Ronald Stephens, _ 7 (Compazine
 not effective in vast majority of cases)0
 12_Q/ Dr. Lester Grinspoon estimated that one-fifth of all
 patients do not get relief from new antiemetics. Redirect of Dr o
 Lester Grinspoon, Tro 14-104 o
 121/ Redirect of Dro Daniel Dansak, Tr. ll-ll0 & ii_IIi.
 : !2_/ Redirect of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, _r. 3=144; Redirect of Dr
 John Bickers_ Tr. 2_i14.
 123/ Redirect of Dr. Ivan Silverberg_ _?r. 3=144.
 i2__/ Redirect of Dr. John Bickers, Tro 2-122 & 2-123.
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