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 or more of the cancer patients exposed to chemotherapeutic
 treatments find_emesis to be potentially life threatening_ I14/
 ..... _ Mac Butt testified that as a result of his chemotherapy
 treatments, Keith's life was a constant _uffering to the extent
 that at one point he desired death to escape his miserable
 _ condition. !15_/ Mona Taft noted emesis m_Ide it impossible for her
 husband to lead a normal life and was so painful that he became
 terrified of his treatment, and was ready to die to avoid
 _ continuing the chemotherapy treatment. II_/ Dr_ Lester Grinspoon
 testified that his son's nausea and vomiting were uncontrollable
 and awful experiences to the point that the child resisted
 ........ taking chemotherapy and begqed his parents not to insist on any
 more treatments. I17/
 The breaking of this cycle of vomiting and nausea
 _'- allowing patients to improve their overa_Ll condition and not drop
 I!_./ (...continued)
 emesis caused by many chemotherapeutic agents is #life
 threateningo H See ACT Official State Reports, New Jersey Cancer
 Protocol, VolŪ II, Exhibit I0 (c_tinq to Hearings before the
 Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, TheuraDeutic
 uses of MarijuaNa and Schedui9 i Drug_ statement of Dr. John
 MacDonalds House of Representatives_ 90th Congress, May 20, 1980_
 at 161) and _ariiuana and Health, Report of a study by a
 Committee of the Institute of Medicines National Academy of
 ........ Sciences, National Academy Press (Washinc_on_ D.Co 1982 at i42)_
 i14/ S__ ACT Official State Reports_ New Jersey Cancer
 Protocol, Vol. If, Exhibit I0 (_i_i_ to Tocus_ Edward & Gross,
 Howard_ HArt Historical Perspective on Delta-9-Tetrahydro
 Cannabinol and Cannabis Sativa Los _ _/__ent of Cancer
 _'__ ChemotheraDeutical!y-ln_ced_ausea and Vomiting (edso) Poster
 D., Penta J., & Bruno S., Mason Press, New York_ 1981) o
 115_/ Affidavit of Mac Butt, _ 26.
 i16/ Affidavit of Mona Taft, _ 18, 20.
 117/ Affidavit of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, _ 5, 6.

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