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 dehydrated and in severe cases may rupture or fracture bones_ I_/
 Ands nausea results in a dramatic loss of weight. 19-_/
 These devastating effects obviously degrade the quality
 of life of the patient_ _I-Q/ The patient faces not only the
 anxiety and fear of.a deadly disease but also the inability to
 ........ carry out normal activities_ His or her self_esteem _nd self _
 control are greatly diminishedŽ The patient may retreat into
 himself and become withdrawn from his family. I_/ And, the
 _ fabric of-the family_ itself_ is placed _der extreme stresso !!_/
 Consequently_ the patient feels that his or her life is worthless
 and the desire to discontinue his or her chemotherapy treatment
 _ .... can supersede the patient's will to live. Thus_
 chemotherapeutically_induced emesis is a life-threatening
 consequence of the treatment. I13/ Estimates suggest that a third
 I08/ Affidavit of Madelyn Brazis_ _ 15; Affidavit of°Dr. Ronald
 Stephens_ _ 5°
 i9__/ Id.; Mac Nutt testified that the nausea made Keith lose at
 least thirty pounds in less than two mont/_s. Affidavit of Mac
 Nutt, _ 23. Janet Andrews testified that N[w]ithin a month, Josh
 lost nearly half his body weight. # Affidavit of Janet Andrews,
 !5o John Dunsmore_ Jr. testified that his son lost almost
 fifty-five pounds within a short period of time. Affidavit of
 John Dunsmore, Jro_ _ 35.
 ....... i/_q/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberq_ _ 21; Affidavit of Dr.
 Ronald Stephens, _ 20.
 Iii/ Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 41 (Keith became timid and
 ll_/ Affidavit of Janet Andrews, _ 17 (stress became almost
 unbearable) .
 113/ Affidavit of Dr° Ivan Silverberg, _ 22; Affidavit of Dr.
 John Bickers, _ 6; Affidavit of Dr_ Ronald Stephens_ _ 6; The
 National Academy of Sciences/Institute on Medicine (NSA/XOM) and
 the National Cancer Institute (NCI) agree that the debilitating
 - 32 -
 /. /

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