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 vomiting may be i_tense_ protracted and may last for several
 hours ands in some instances_ for days. _/ Following the
 vomiting, the patient experiences a mild to severe nausea for
 days or weekso 19-_/
 This vomiting and nausea have a tremendous destructive
 impact on the patient's mental and physical condition_ Mentally,
 it reenforces the patient's sense that he has completely lost
 control over his life and this sense of being out of control
 _ adversely affects the patient°s overall _ental outlook, i9-1/
 Physically, the vomiting can be so prolonged that patients become
 104/ (...continued)
 ...... of Dro John Bickers_ _ 6 (emesis is one of the biggest problems
 of patients undergoing chemotherapy); Affidavit of Dr. Ronald
 Stephens, _ 5 (chemotherapeutic agents often cause severe
 emesis). See also ACT Official State Reports_ New Jersey Cancer
 Protocol, Vol. II_ Exhibit 10_ i_n_rijuana and Health,
 Report of a Study by a Committee of the Znstitute of Medicine,
 '_ Division of Health Sciences Policy_ National Academy of Sciences,
 National Academy Press (Washington, D_C_ 1982, at 142) (certain
 chemotherapeutic agents regularly produce nausea and vomiting))°
 i05/ Affidavit of Dro Ivan Silverberg_ _ 19 (vomiting may last u}?
 to four days); Affidavit of Dr. Deborah Goldberg, _ 15.
 106/ Affidavit of Dr. Ivan Silverberg, _ 20; Affidavit of Dr.
 Deborah Goldberg_ _ 15_ Mac Nutt testified that every
 chemotherapy treatment received by her son, Keith, made him
 constantly Rvomit violently for eight to ten hours N and after the
 vomiting episodes_ Keith n[beca_e_ profoundly nauseated to the
 ........ point that he could neither bear to look at nor smell food. #
 Affidavit of Mac Nutt_ _ 21_ Mona Taft testified that the
 chemotherapy drugs would make her husband vomit for #endless
 hours m and Hleave him so nauseated he could not eat -- could not
 even stand the sight or smell of food cooking in the house, n
 Affidavit of Mona Taft_ _ 9p I0o _9__ _SO Affidavit of Dr.
 ..... Ivan Silverberg, _ 24-28, 31 (description of emesis suffered by
 two patients); Affidavit of Madelyn Brazis_ _ 33, 34
 (description of emesis suffered by patient in New Mexico program)°
 I07/ Affidavit of Madelyn Brazis, _ 14o
 o 31

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