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 antiemetic drugto a nauseated patients x_rijuana has gained
 widespread acceptance in the medical community.
 ":" Despite marijuana_s status as an illegal Schedule I
 drug, legal organizations from around the country have favored
 its medical use and called for marijuana's reclassification under
 _ the Controlled Substances Act. Thirty-four states have
 acknowledged marijuana's therapeutic benefits and several
 significant legal entities have advocated a modification of the
 ih dzl/ges classification. Thus, a substantial segment of our
 society has accepted marijuana as medicine for the purpose of
 controlling emesis resulting from cancer chemotherapy.
 i. Backaroun_
 Chemotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer
 diseases. It involves the use of chemical agents which are
 extremely toxic and have profoundly adverse effectso 103-/ One of
 the adverse effects caused by these chemotherapeutic agents is
 the nausea and vomiting experienced bycancer patients. !04/ The
 i_Q_/ Affidavit of Dr_ Deborah Goldberg, _ Ii. The most common
 chemotherapeutic agents used in treating cancer are Cisplatin,
 Nitrogen Mustard, Cytoxin and Adriamycian. Cisplatin may cause
 deafness, serious and life-threatening renal difficulties
 (including renal failure), and it may adversely affect the bodyes
 immune system° Nitrogen Mustard is extremely toxic and if
 dropped on the skin it literally eats away the skin and other
 tissues with which it comes in contact. Cytoxin suppresses a
 patient's immune system responses results in bone marrow
 depletion and may also cause other cancers® Adriamycian, among
 its numerous adverse effects, may destroy the heart muscle.
 Common adverse effects of all these drugs are renal, heart, and
 respiratory failure and also hair loss. °_. _ 12, 13.
 I0_/ Affidavit of Dro Ivan Silverberg_ '_ 18 (many chemo-
 t_herapeutic agents cause severe nausea and vomiting); Affidavit
 0 1 0

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