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 Based upon the legal standards_ set forth above_
 marijuana has a Rcurrently accepted medical use in treatment in
 the United States _ for the indications of nausea, resulting from
 anti_cancertherapy, and reduction of intraocular pressure in the
 treatment of glaucomas Second, marijuana has been accepted by
 the medical community as a means of treating spasticity. In the
 alternatives since marijuana has had a imng history of medical
 utility in treating spasticity_ and since it is extremely safe,
 it should be made available to patients who have been unable to
 treat their condition with conventionally-prescribed drugs.
 Marijuanaes most widely accepted medical use is the
 control of nausea and vomiting resulting from anticancer £herapy_
 Historically, marijuana was widely accepted by doctors as a valid
 medicine for digestive upsets until almost the mid-Twentieth
 Century. In the early 1970_s, cancer patients undergoing
 chemotherapy discovered marijuana was extremely effective in
 controlling their emesis_ Marijuana quickly gained widespread
 acceptance among cancer patients who i_nediately conveyed their
 impressions to physicians° These anecdotal reports, in turn_
 triggered medical studies which amply confirmed that marijuana
 was equally, if not mores effective than conventionally-
 prescribed antiemetics_ Since marijuana smoking also stimulated
 a patient's appetite, was more convenient for the average patient
 and proved to be a more efficient means of administering an
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