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 is safer than aspirin _- an over-the-counter drug that is not
 even scheduled, but kills hundreds of individuals each year. 9-8/
 Many of the Government's own affiants accepted
 marijuana as safe. For instances Dr_ Richard Gralla testified
 that _I don't have too much trouble wi_ the safety of the
 cannabinoids in general, m_/
 In conclusion, as Dr. Petro testified_ to a large
 extents FDA, by approving Marinol (synthetic THC) as a _safe n
 drug, has, at the same time, acknowledged that marijuana is also
 safe. !00/ Regarding this matter, the Physician's Desk Reference
 declares: uFor practical purposes, the non-therapeutic effects
 of dranabinol (synthetic THC) may be considered essentially
 identical to those of marijuana, and other centrally active
 cannabinoids, mlg_i/ This language, Dr. Petro noted, constitutes
 FDA-approved labeling for Marinol. AQ2-/ Based upon this
 information, Petro concludes_ _Marijuana very definitely # is safe
 under medical supervision.
 In s_im_ there is overwhelming evidence demonstrating
 marijuanaSs safety under medical supervi_siono Marijuana,
 therefore_ plainly satisfies any safety requirement for
 reclassification to Schedule If.
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