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 is profoundly curious that an agency -- DEA _ can argue that it
 is difficult to identify marijuana for purposes of providing it
 medicinally, burr at the same time has no difficulty in
 identifying the plant for purposes of law enforcement. If the
 government is not satisfied with the current method of
 _ q designating marijuana according to T_C contents then it certainly
 may develop a more precise method of measuring the plant's
 chemistry. As Dr. Andrew Weil noted_ no one would deem mother's
 _ milkunsafe simply because it is chemically complex. 9-_-/
 2. Acceptance of MarijuanaSs Safety by
 patients andL_Physicians_
 The affiants for ACT and NORML uniformly accepted
 marijuana as safe under medical supervision_
 Dro Norman Zinberg testified that marijuana is
 certainly safeo In reaching his conclusions he noted that
 marijuana is safer than cocaine -- a Schedule IX drug -- and thus
 apparently _safe # in the eyes of the Dz_ig Enforcement
 Administrationo _/ Dr. Zinberg also testified that marijuana is
 safer than morphine, a Schedule II drugs and Valium -- a drug
 that also kills hundreds of people each year _- yet is classified
 i .....
 as a Schedule III drug° _-_/ Final!ys Zinberg noted that marijuana
 ___/ Cross-examination of Dr. Norman Zinherg, Tr. i1-239. _9_
 also 21 U.SoC.A. § 812(c) Schedule II (a) (4) (1987 Supp.)
 (classification of cocaine as a Schedule II drug)
 _/ Cross-examination of Dro Norman Zinberg, Tr_ 11-238 to ii-
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