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 ("Agency Reports"), the Assistant Secretary for
 HeaJth and Scientific Affairs recommended "that
 marijuana be retained within schedule I at least
 until the completion of certain studies now
 In addition, section 601 of the bill provides
 for establishment of a PresidentiaJ Commission on
 Marijuana and Drug Abuse. The recommendations of
 this commission will be of aid in determining the
 appropriate disposition of this question in the
 The Letter from HEW, reprinted on page 4629 of the House Report,
 Some question has been raised whether the use
 of the plant itself produces "severe psychological
 of physical dependence" as required by a schedule I
 or even schedule _l criterion. Since there is still
 a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant
 and effects of the active drug contained in it, our
 recommendation is that marijuana be retained in
 schedule I at least until the compJetion of certain
 studies now underway to resolve this issue. If
 those studies make it appropriate for the Attorney
 General to change the placement of marijuana to a
 different schedule, he may do so in accordance with
 the authority provided under section 20t of the
 SimiJarly, S. Rep. No. 91-613 states at pg. 2:
 The third new provision (in this bill) directs the
 Attorney GeneraJ to appoint a committee of experts to
 study the marijuana problem.
 As wilJ be pointed out below, marijuana offenses
 make up the bulk of drug arrests throughout the Nation.
 This drug has created greater controversy than any of

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