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 may be added, transferred or removed from the various classifications.
 Section 81 1 of Title 21 confers upon the Attorney General the
 authority to control substances which fall under the Act's provisions
 by classifying drugs in one or more of the Schedules defined in 81 2.
 according to the standards provided in 81 1 and 81 2. Section 81 1 further
 provides that subject to certain restrictions not pertinent here, the
 Attorney Generai may add a drug to a Schedule or transfer a drug
 between Schedules if he finds that the drug has potential for abuse and
 that it meets the requirements of one of the Schedules listed in 812.
 In addition, the Attorney General must consult with the Secretary
 before initiating proceedings to add a drug to any Schedule, and must
 be bound by the Secretary's determination that any drug not be
 Most importantly, 81 i provides in subsection (c) that in making
 any finding to control, transfer, or remove a drug from any Schedule,
 the Attorney General sha_l consider eight factor.,;, including its actual
 or relative potential for abuse; the scientific evidence of its pharma-
 cological effects, if known; the state of current scientific knowledge
 regarding the drug; its history and current pattern of abuse; the
 scope, duration and significance of abuse; what risk, if any, the drug
 provides to the public health; its psychic or physiological dependence
 liability; and whether the substance is an immedi;ate precursor of a
 substance already controtied. The House report transmitting the bill
 to the President takes special care to note that the factors _isted
 above do not require specific findings be made with respect to control
 or removal,from any Schedule, but merely directs that the factors be
 considered in making findings required for control
 Finally, 81 1 permits the Attorney General the Schedules, but does
 not proscribe, nor in any way restrict the manner in which this
 discretion is to be exercised.
 Section 8t2 of Title 21 then sets out five Sclnedumes for
 controlled substances, defined in terms of a descending order of
 perceived risk. Thus, Schedule I contains drugs with a high potential
 for abuse, no currently accepted medicaf use, and a lack of accepted
 safety for use of the drug under medical supervision. Schedule i drugs
 also require a high potential for abuse, but have a currently accepted
 medical use and present the possibility that abuse of the drug may lead
 to severe psychological or physical dependence° ScheduEe lID drugs
 have a lower potential for abuse than Schedules l and II, together with
 a currently accepted medical use and a moderate or Jow physical

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