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 2. Cannabis leaves (minimum control regime of
 Schedule V).
 3. Cannabis seeds capable of germination
 (minimum control regime of Schedule V).
 4, Synthetic THC (no minimum control regime).
 Following receipt of the Secretary's evaluations and
 recommendations, the Acting Administrator is directed to
 comply with the rulemaking procedures outlined in
 Section 201 (a)-(b)o id.
 NORML v. DEA, supra, 559 F.2d at 757.
 Z. Proceedings In The Wake Of NORML v. DEA
 Acting pursuant to the Court's decision, DEA referred the NORNL
 petition to HEW on June 22, 1977, by letter from DEA Administrator
 Peter 8. Bensinger to Secretary of HEW Joseph Ao Califano, Jr. on that
 Shortly thereafter, on July 12, 1977, counseJ for NORML, Peter H.
 Neyers, wrote a letter to HEW Secretary CaJifano requesting information
 about the status of the proceeding, and emphasizing the importance of
 complying with the Court's mandate.
 In response to this letter, a letter was written to counsel for NO
 by Dr. Julius B. Richmond, Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon
 General of the United States, dated November 7, 1977. _n this letter,
 the Assistant Secretary states that he would receive recommendations on
 the NORML petition from the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee
 and other organizations by January, 1978. The letter continued:
 I plan to publish these recommendations in the
 Federal Register for public comment before
 developing the Department's final views on this
 issue. Let me assure you that we wiJJ investigate
 aJJ known scientific and medica_ evidence
 concerning this substance before making our views
 known to the Drug Enforcement Administrationo

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