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 dangerous substance than the other substances included in Section
 l, pa_icular[y heroin and the halluc{nogens. Marijuana,
 "although within the prohibited class, is so different from
 others of the class as to be without the reason for the
 prohibition." United States v. Caro[ene Products Co., supra, at
 153-54. In fact, marijuana has a much lower potential for abuse
 than the substances listed in Schedules H-V of the Act,
 including the barbiturates, amphetamines, and central nervous
 system depressants.
 Heroin. (CSA Schedule t). Heroin is the most commonly used
 narcotic in the United States. it produces a feeli.,ng of total
 numbness, indifference to pain, and complete drive satiation.
 Jaffe, Drug Addiction and Drug Use, in Goodman and Gilman, Eds.,
 The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics (1970), at 284. The
 primary harmful effect of heroin use is the rapid development of
 addiction. The phenomenon of addiction is in turn comprised of
 two elements: tolerance, a diminished effect of the drug upon
 repeated administrations, or conversely, a need to take larger
 and larger doses to obtain the initial effect, and the withdrawal
 syndrome, a series of regular symptoms experienced by the addict
 when drug use is discontinued:
 [I]f the addicted individual is deprived
 of his drug, he experiences severe and highly
 unpleasant physical and psychological
 withdrawal symptoms o.. By 48 hours the
 withdrawaB syndrome reaches its peak with
 nausea, retching, vomiting, diarrhea,
 anorexia and rapid weight loss. After 72
 hours the abstinence syndrome begins to
 subside slowly, and after 5 to 10 days most
 of the signs and symptoms have disappeared.
 .. Four to six months after withdrawal,
 hypersensitivity of the autonomic nervous
 system has been reported.
 Grinspoon, supra, at 256-57.
 The criminogenic effects of narcotics derive from addiction.
 The development of tolerance means that the addict must
 continually get more of the drug; the .withdrawa_ syndrome

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