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 Other promising therapeutic uses of marijuana incJude its
 use of asthma (as a bronchodiiator), and for mu:[tipie sclerosis,
 epilepsy, and various nervous disorders. Secretary of HEW Fifth
 Annual Report:, supra, at pgs 1 Z0-21o in the past: four years,
 thirty-two state legislatures have passed legislation authorizing
 the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes without waiting for
 the federal government to act. This is heady at 1 00% increase
 since 1 979.
 Twenty-seven of these states -- Alabama, Arizona,
 CaJifomia, Colorado, Connecticut, F[odda, Georgia, Iowa,
 Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New
 Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode island, South
 Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington West Virginia and
 Wisconsin -- have established elaborate state-wide programs of
 marijuana research for cancer and glaucoma victims° The six
 remaining states -_ Arkansas, Illinois, New Hampshire, North
 Carolina, Oregon and Virginia -- have adopted different
 legislation which recognizes marijuana's medical value and
 absoJves the physician of legal liabilities when prescribing the
 It is important to note that many of the states which have
 adopted marijuana therapeutics legislation have also adopted
 state drug laws patterned after the federaa CSA. When these
 states adopted their marijuana therapeutics Begis[ation, they
 aBso re-classified marijuana from Schedule i of the state CSA's
 into a _ower schedule of control or removed marijuana completely
 from its controlled substances schedule. Marijuana is now
 classified as a Schedule [I substance in a number of states,
 including FJorida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico,
 Oregon and Washington. _n three other states -_ Arkansas,
 Tennessee and North Carolina -- marijuana is classified in
 Schedule IV of the state CSA. Ve[man and Haddox, Drug .Abuse and
 the Law, (1977 Supp.) at pg. 47. In Virginia, marijuana is no
 longer listed in any of these schedules.
 Agencies of the federal government have also taken action to
 increase access to marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Although
 marijuana remains classified as a Schedule f substance in the
 federal CSA, officials of the Food and Drug Administration and
 the National Cancer Institute took the extraordinary step in June
 of this year of releasing 500,000 THC.capsu[es to cancer

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