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 These few consistentJy observed
 transient effects on bodily function seem to
 suggest that marihuana is a rather unexciting
 compound of negligible immediate toxicity at
 the doses usually consumed in this country.
 The substance is predominately a psychoactive
 drug. The feelings and state of
 consciousness described by the intoxicated
 seem to be far more interesting than the
 objective state noted by an observer.
 The Commission recommended that the possession of marijuana
 for personal use no longer be a criminal offense, ld., at pgs.
 152-54. Jn the Commission's Second Report, Drug Use in America:
 Problem in Perspective (Naro, 1973), the Commission reaffirmed
 the recommendations in its First Report, but also recommended
 that possession of any other controiJed substance shouJd remain a
 criminai offense, td. at p. 467°
 The Canadian Commission of Inquiry into the Non44edical Use
 of Drugs (the "LeDain Commission") also published its report on
 marihuana in I972. it reached similar conclusions to the
 Nationa_ Commission, ldo, at p. 114:
 In summary, at typical doses of cannabis
 use, few acute physioJogicaJ effects have
 been detected° Those which have been
 identified generally seem to have little
 clinical significance. Even at relatively
 high does, few substantial physiological
 changes occur.

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