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 the penalty fits the crime in as many sens_es of that phrase as
 are possible) Second, the stress upon scientific criteria and
 constant updating and republishing of the schedules was designed
 to insure that _he classification and penalty structure was
 rational and credible, in the sense that the classification of
 drugs into one of the various schedules conformed to the best
 available scientific knowledge as to the relative harmfulness and
 benefit of such substance. In addition discretion was given to
 the Attorney General to move drugs between one schedule or
 another. As then Director of the Bureau of Narcotics and
 Dangerous Drugs ("BNDD") Ingersoll explained in his testimony
 introducing the CSA:
 Perhaps the greatest advantage -5o this
 approach is that drugs may be moved from one
 schedule to another as scientific information
 and law enforcement problems come to
 light, ooby giving the Attorney General this
 discretion, the congress will permit a quick
 response to the ever-changing drug problem
 based upon relative harm and relative abuse
 potential of existing drugs and newly
 discovered drugs. _
 2 _ Testimony of John Ingersoll before the Subcommittee
 to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency on the Committee of the
 Judiciary, September 15_ 1969, at p. 214.

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