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 There is hardly a part of the human body that
 is not damaged by cigarette smoke° Smoking
 accounts for 30 percent of all cancer mortality and
 is the major cause of lung cancer and a cause of
 throats lip and mouth cancers of emphysema and
 cardiovascular disease. It contributes to stomach
 and intestinal cancer and other damage to the
 gastrointestinal tract and injures the reproductive
 organs of both sexes. Smoking cigarettes even
 prematurely ages both facial skin and the brain.
 There is evidence that smoking increases the risk
 of getting leukemia by 30 percent. Smoking has
 even been found to accelerate AIDS.
 Research has also shown that smoking by pregnant
 women injures the fetus, reduces the birth weight
 of the newborns and may cause long-term
 neurological deficits in children_
 id_ at 29-30 (footnotes omitted)°
 It is clear that tolerance develops to the use of nicotines (J.
 Fort, _ " _ " P _ ([[973)), and there is strong
 evidence that the withdrawal syndrom associated with the use of tobacco
 resembles that of true addiction. Brecher,. _P_r_, at 209-28°
 In addition to the substantial harm cigarette smokers cause to
 themselves_ the harm to others who inhale secondhand smoke is equally
 devastating. _One study by Stanton A. Giantz and Dro William Parmley
 of the University of California at San Francisco concluded that
 secondhand smoke kills more than 50,000 Americans per years about
 15,000 by cancer and 37,000 by cardiovascular disease°" Duke and
 Gross, _i_r_LG_/____Lg/I____t W_d_, _/iP_r_, at 30° The CDC reports that
 _'[e]ach year_ exposure to secondhand smoke causes 150,000 to 300,000
 lower respiratory tract infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis)
 in UoS. infants and children younger than 18 months of age° These

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