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 violence. Id. at 246.
 T/Zb__G_G_- Tobacco ranks with alcohol in widespread use among
 Americans. _'Inhalation of tobacco smoke during active cigarette
 smoking remains the largest single preventable cause of death and
 disability for the U.S. population. '_ Centers for Disease Control and
 Prevention ('_CDC_), 1986 Reports a copy of which is attached hereto as
 Exhibit D. in describing the physical and pyschological effects of
 tobaccos Duke and Gross in _ Lorhqg__i_K write:
 That tobacco is a powerful drug cannot be
 doubted° Its nicotine taken straight in tiny doses
 is fatal. A 50-milligram dose- the nicotine in
 three cigarettes- will kill an adult. It is even
 used in pesticides.
 [N]icotine is more addictive than heroin. Neither
 in the pleasure reported by its addicts- hardly
 any- nor in the pain reported in withdrawal_ does
 nicotine seem to compare with heroin_ yet until
 recently at leastf most people who smoked four or
 five cigarettes in their lifetime didn't stop until
 they s_oked 400_000_ that is, until they smoked
 daily for forty years or so.
 The ratio of addicts to users is higher with
 cigarettes than with any other commonwly used drug.
 Probably a minority of users of heroin are hooked, and
 only about one in six users of crack cocaine become
 dependent° Yet virtually all smokers of tobacco are
 Duke and Gross_ °ca _ -ongg____/[_ _Ii_ at 24-26 (footnotes
 The health consequences of cigarette smoking are dire; _'it is a
 major culprit in human sickness_ misery and deaths easily dwarfing all
 other drugs combinedo _ _ at 29° There is virtually no dispute
 regarding the harmful effects of tobacco°

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