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 deaths have occurred during withdrawal from
 meprobamateo . o
 It is irrational to classify marijuana in Schedule I when It is
 much less dangerous than the other drugs in Schedule I. Marijuana has
 a low potential for abuse, and is analogous to or even less dangerous
 than the substances listed in the lower Schedules of the Act°
 5. Severe Penalties for Marijuana Offensess While
 Identical Conduct Involving Alcohol and
 Tobacco Cannot be Criminally Punishede are
 The accused's final argument is that it is arbitrary, irrational,
 and hypocritical to classify marijuana in Schedule I of the CSA_ with
 its attendant severe penalties, when identical conduct involving
 alcohol and tobacco cannot be criminally punished.
 The CSA specifically exempts alcohol and tobacco from the coverage
 of the lawo 21 U.S.Co § 802(6) provides that:
 The term e'controlled substance _ means a drug or
 other substances or immediate precursors included
 in Schedule I_ III, IV or V of part B of this
 subchapter_ The term does not include distilled
 spirits_ wine, malt beverages_ or tobaccos as those
 terms are defined or used in subtitle E of the
 Internal Revenue Code of 1954o
 The disparity in treatment between marijuana on the one hands and
 alcohol and tobacco on the others can no longer be justified. Recent
 evidence indicates that alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous
 drugs than marijuana, and present a much greater health hazard to the
 _i_G9/19_i- Alcohol operates in the body as a central nervous system
 depressant: its effects are very similar to those produced by the
 barbiturates. Jaffe, sup_/_, at 289° Tolerance develops from regular

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