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 Jaffe_ ___Ir/_, at 297. Effects from the LSD-type drugs may be
 produced by doses of as little as 25 micrograms (ordinary aspirin
 tablets contain 300p000 micrograms). Fort, 2_h__2/_easure Seekg_r_
 (169), at 181. There are no withdrawal symptoms when use is
 discontinued, and no deaths directly attributable to the effects
 of the drugs have been reported. Jaffe_ _!i_ir__ at 298.
 AmDhet_LiDes. (CSA Schedule II). Amphetamines are
 synthetic drugs which are commonly used as diet pills and
 stimulants° The most common amphetamines are benzedrine and
 dexedrine. Use of amphetamines may cause cardiovascular
 difficulties. Amphetamine abusers may develop paranoid
 psychoses; such individuals may commit violent acts without
 provocation. Amphetamine users may go into frozen catatonic-like
 states which may last for hours or days. National Commission,
 DrX___9_in _r c_, sup_, at 145o A significant tolerance
 develops from chronic use of amphetamines, and death from an
 overdose is not uncommon° /J__ at 146.
 Death is often associated with excep_ionally high fever,
 cardiovascular shock, and convulsions, or with hemorrhages in the
 blood vessels of the brain. Id_ These dangers are exacerbated
 by the rapidity with which users develop tolerance to
 amphetamines. /_ at 144.
 The psychological reactions to amphetamine abuse are equally
 serious. The National Commission report notes that amphetamine paranoid
 psychosis "is perhaps one of the most widely known phenomena associated
 with chronic amphetamine use .... _e _ at Z46. The paranoid

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