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 three criteria for placement in Schedule I.
 4. Marijuana is Classified with Dissimilar and
 Much More Dangerous _ub_/_ces ....
 The classification of marijuana in Schedule i is also
 arbitrary and irrational because marijuana is a much less
 dangerous substance than the other substances included in
 Schedule I, particularly heroin and the hallucinogens.
 Marijuana, '_although within the prohibited class, is so different
 from others of the class as to be without the reason for the
 prohibition.': I/Dj__C__ates_q__Ca_oleDg__P_r_oduqts_CQ_ _!iP__A_ at
 153=54. In fact, marijuana has a much lower potential for abuse
 than the substances listed in Schedules II-V of the Acts
 including the barbiturates_ amphetamines, and central nervous
 system depressants.
 _roi_o (CSA Schedule I). Heroin is the most commonly used
 narcotic in the United States. It produces a feeling of total
 numbness, indifference to paine and complete drive satiation.
 Jaffe, D/ILg__hd_ict_iQ_ancL_Drag U_, in Goodman and Gilman, Eds.,
 The Pharmacologic s" ra °
 (1970), at pg. 284°
 The primary harmful effect of heroin use is the rapid development
 of addiction° The phenomenon of addiction is in turn comprised
 of two elements: tolerance, a diminished effect of the drug upon
 repeated administrations, or conversely, a need to take larger
 and larger doses to obtain the initial effect, and the withdrawal
 syndrome, a series of regular symptoms experienced by the addict
 when drug use is discontinued:
 [I]f the addicted individual is deprived

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