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 associated sexual activity are not spreading
 syphilis and AIDS_ victims of marijuana are
 not clamoring for admission to treatment or
 flocking into self-help groups° Aside from
 the almost self-evident proposition that
 smoking anything is probably bad for the
 lungs0 the quarter century since large
 numbers of Americans began to use marijuana
 has produced remarkably little laboratroy or
 epidemiological evidence of serious health
 damage done by the drug°
 Kleiman_ Marks _/dL___ces_ (1992) at 253.
 2. Marijuana Has "Currently Accepted Me_i_q_l
 The second criterion for placement in Schedule I is that
 "the drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical
 use in treatment in the United States." 21 U.S.C. § 812(b) (I) °
 By contrast, substances classified in the other schedules of the
 Act (Schedules II-V) are all deemed to have "currently accepted
 medical uses" or '_currently accepted medical uses with severe
 restrictions." Sees 21 U.S.C. § 812(b) (2)-(5); S.Rep. No. 91-613,
 u_, at 16-17; H.R. Repo Nov 91-1444_ _iP/L_ at 4604-05.
 It is clear that when the CSA was adopted in 1970_ marijuana
 did not have "currently accepted medical uses" in the United
 States. Howeverf it is equally clear that today marijuana
 have a number of "currently accepted medical uses" in this
 country, particularly in the treatment of glaucoma and patients
 receiving cancer chemotherapy, which have been recognized by laws
 recently passed in thirty-six states, v
 Other therapeutic uses include appetite stimulant for
 AIDS patients, anti-epileptic_ relief of migraine headache pain
 and other chronic paine reduction of muscle spasticity

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