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 examination of the marijuana issue in 1977_ and published its
 findings in __ar_ " _Qlig_iesand Pena!tie_
 (Nov. !977}_ This report discussed the medical and health issues
 in detailg _ at 41-63, concluding that "compared to most
 pharmaceutical, marijuana is quite low in biological toxicity."
 at 42.
 The President6s Commission on Mental Health Task Panel
 issued its report on _y_qh_Q_c__i_Ye__D_rLtg_____ on February 15,
 1978. The report reaffirmed the findings and recommendations on
 the National Commission, and the other reports_ calling for the
 decriminalization of marijuana because of its low potential for
 abuse. Id_ at 2114-18_
 Dr. Lester Grinspoon_s (associate professor of psychiatry at
 Harvard Medical School) encyclopedic work, Marihuana Reconsider_e_d
 (Second Edition 1977), is one of the most comprehensive surveys
 and analysis on the use and effect of marijuana available.
 Drawing upon hundreds of studies_ as well as his own research,
 Grinspoon documents the conclusions reached by earlier
 researchers" that moderate use of marijuana causes no physical or
 psychological harm to users, Id. at 370-71; marijuana is not
 addicting, _____, 223G has never been shown to have caused death of
 any user, _ at 227; does not produce psychosis, _ at 253f et
 seq.; does not lead to use of other drugs such as heroin, /i at
 pgs_ 235, et seq°; does not lead to criminal or otherwise violent
 behavior, _ at 308-08_ 311-12; and is not an aphrodisiac,
 at 312-16_

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