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 the doses usually consumed in this country.
 The substance is predominately a psychoactive
 drug° The feelings and state of
 consciousness described by the intoxicated
 seem to be far more interesting than the
 objective state noted by an observer.
 The Commission recommended that the possession of marijuana
 for personal use no longer be a criminal offensef Ida, at 152-54.
 In the Commission's Second Report_ D_ru_L_U_ in America: Problem
 i/L_Pe_t_iv__ (Mar._ 1973)_ the Commission reaffirmed the
 recommendations in its First Reports but also recommended that
 possession of any other controlled substance should remain a
 criminal offense. _ at 467.
 Over times the alleged ill effects of marijuana have been
 refuted by the various studies and reports° See e__g____ _ihua_
 ___nd__gal_ SecoD__/_lal_2_u_r_nar!_s__fKQm__e_G_2_2/_
 9_f_/_ealt_hE_hic_on an_tel__are_ ili-132 (1972); Mar ih__IL_an_
 Health___Third_nua! ReDortt9 Con_ctre___fL_ e _ ry_o_f
 arkd We!fare, 129-153 (1973); Mar ib/l_D_ an_
 _ealth__F_ol!r_th__nnual _or_t_to_o_ e ; _
 !i___t____/_a_on a_li_Wglfa_ 93=121 (1974); " d
 H__alth____i_/L__Dual___Re_Dor_t__to Cg__gress _om the S@cretar_L__
 Heal_ "
 arE, 78-112 (1975); _//L_D_L_/L_
 _ealth,_ Sixth Ann_I_F_p_Q/Lt_tQ CQD_gr_s___trom th__e_Gr___r____
 HeaLth__E_duc_on____D__Welfar_ (1976); Ma_rjjD/l_DgaD___alt_
 _eventh Annual _e_p_Q__t t9 _ om_th_ Secr_9_t_ar_L_of Health.
 __QatiQn a_nd We/_f_ar_ 15-35 (1977); _ar//_X_._/_
 duc '
 d We_far__ 7-26 (1980).
 The National Governor's Conference conducted an extensive

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