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 knowledge. _' _d. at 34.
 At the same time that Congress passed the CSA, it also
 created the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse.
 S_e_, 21 UoS.C. § 801 (note)° In its first year, the National
 Commission was directed to conduct a comprehensive study of
 marijuana and to issue a report to Congress and the public on its
 findings° During its second year, the National Commission was
 directed to look at a wide variety of drugs of abuser to make
 similar findings_ and to update its first year's report. Seer
 First Report of the National Commission, J_/ti/_/_DA_t__A_ignal o_
 Misunderstanding (Mar. 1972).
 The National Commission investigated many aspects of
 marijuana use, conducted hearings, both formal and informal_
 reviewed the existing research which had been done on marijuana
 in this country and in other countries, and itself commissioned
 more than sixty research projects in areas where additional
 information was needed. Members of the Commission also travelled
 to more than thirty countries as part of their research. The
 Commission's First Report concluded at 56--67:
 A large amount of research has been performed
 in man and animals regarding the immediate
 effect of marihuana on bodily processes. No
 conclusive evidence exits of any physical
 damage, disturbances of bodily processes or
 proven human fatalities attributable solely
 to even very high doses of marihuana.
 e w
 These few consistently observed
 transient effects on bodily function seem to
 suggest that marihuana is a rather unexciting
 compound of negligible immediate toxicity at

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