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 of comprehensive studies, then underway, were completed. The
 House Report on the CSA, HoRo Repo No. 91-1444, 91st Cong., ist
 Sess. (1970)_ states:
 In the bill as recommended by the
 administration and as reported by the
 committee_ marihuana is listed under schedule
 I, as subject to the most stringent controls
 under the bill, except that criminal
 penalties applicable to marihuana offenses
 are those for offenses involving non-narcotic
 controlled substances.
 The committee requested recommendations
 from the Department of Healths Education and
 Welfare concerning the appropriate location
 of marihuana in the schedules of the bille
 and by letter of August 14, !970_ (printed in
 this report under the heading "Agency
 Reports:) °_, the Assistant Secretary for
 Health and Scientific Affairs recommended
 '_that marihuana be retained within schedule I
 at least until the completion of certain
 studies now underway. '_ In addition, section
 601 of the bill provides for establishment of
 a Presidential Commission on Marihuana and
 Drug Abuses The recommendations of this
 commission will be of aid in determining the
 appropriate disposition of this question in
 the future.
 at 4578-79.
 All of the studies and reports mentioned in this legislative
 history have now been completed_ and in additions there have been
 a number of other major studies on marijuana conducted in the
 United States and several foreign countries° Over the past
 decade, a very extensive amount of researc_h has been done on
 marijuanas and in the words of one of the most distinguished
 marijuana researchers, Dr. Norman Zinberg of the Harvard Medical
 School, 'ewe know as much about marijuana [today] as about any
 drug. '° Zinberg_ T Wa Ov '
 _ _ at 102.

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